Harley Connoisseur

Driving back to work from lunch yesterday, I spotted this awesome old motorcycle being pulled by a GMC Suburban. Without giving it a second thought, I followed the driver for a couple blocks, hoping to pull alongside him and snap a photo of the bike at a red light. When I saw him pull into a mechanic’s lot, I soon followed.

The old man who owns this 1925 Harley was nice enough to let me take several photos of it, and from different angles and distances. Look at that original paint, and that patina. I assume it came from a barn here in PA. (When I asked the old guy where it came from specifically, he only said that he’d had it for quite awhile.) The mechanic who was cheerfully chatting with the bike’s owner when I pulled in told me the guy’s “a connoisseur” of vintage motorcycles.

I’ve been thinking about this thing ever since I saw it. Quite a thrill to see up close.

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December Runner’s World Covers

Runner’s World‘s first-ever Readers’ Issue. More TK.

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Now I Just Need 60 D Energizers

Today I picked up these beasts after lugging them to the Lower East Side two weeks ago for their 30-year tuneups. Clockwise from the top, that’s a JVC RC-M70, a Rising 20/20 SRC-2015, and a Japanese model National (Panasonic) ナショナル Big Station RX-5350.

The older attendant at the West Village parking garage where I snapped this photo before getting into my car smiled and asked, “Oh no, you’re not gonna play those here, are ya?”

Photographer Lyle Owerko photographed the same models and many more for his book The Boombox Project:

I’d love to own one of the original prints, but they come with fine art price tags.

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Runner’s World Redesign: Cover

Have a look at the cover of the October 2014 issue of Runner’s World. It has a revised logo, new typefaces and what may be the magazine’s first use of a brick wall as a backdrop. (This image doesn’t really do justice to the logo’s neon ink.)

It marks the magazine’s first redesign in six years, which I’ll detail in upcoming posts.

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Old English Cricket Bats

Earlier today I spotted these at the Timothy Oulton store in ABC Home in NYC. There were probably 30 of them in a barrel, but I picked out these four for their graphics. (Didn’t buy them; just photographed them.)

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